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Multimedia consulting & management

  • Managing & running websites, including e-commerce sites
  • Managing social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Managing & developing Google Adwords, Facebook or YouTube Ads
  • Updating & revamping websites to improve SEO
  • Re-examining cost-benefit analyses of current media
  • Analyzing and drafting reports for Google Analytics
  • Media Planning & Buying

Help Ticket System
Websites start to grow old the same day they are made. Regular updates (content, design, system updates) are necessary to keep websites in their best condition.
The “Help ticket system” is able to reduce the cost of its regular update and efficiently. In the monthly scheduled work hours, we will update the website and keep it in it’s best condition.

Read more of the Help Ticket system here

$500 Website Marketing Package Plan
Just because you have a website, doesn’t mean people will visit it.
“I want to be displayed at the top by searches on Google etc.”
This is what most people and companies with websites desire.
In order to achieve this, SEO (search engine optimization) is necessary.
Results won’t appear immediately; first comes the hard work, time, and expenses that come with advertising.

View our Package Plan here

Multimedia content development

  • Develop responsive websites using WordPress
  • Develop e-commerce sites using Shopify
  • Copywriting in Japanese & English
  • System development with PHP and MySQL
  • Develop animation with computer graphics
  • Develop HD/4K movies for TVCM, YouTube, and websites
  • Design for print ads, leaflets, pamphlets, catalogues, and postcards

For those interested in creating or renewing a site, please refer to our sample websites.
“I want to make a website, but I do not know what to start from”
“I’d like to create a new website with the same design as popular websites”
We have made a couple of sample sites that would be great references to such a person.
Categories and uses vary from sites for individuals such as artists to sites for shops such as restaurants, e-commerce sites that can shop online, sites for companies with many goods and services.
Please note that the contents in these templates are just samples.

View Sample Websites

Some Works of TV Commercials
  • Brother International
  • IACE Travel
  • H.I.S. U.S.A.
  • F.C.I. Flower Service
  • HAYATO New York
  • Amnet New York
  • Pro Solutions
  • Parkside Dental Associates
  • Bremar Associates
  • Quick USA
  • Ben and Jacks
  • Max Consulting
  • Furumoto Realty
  • Interesse International
  • FCI
  • Daido Nippan
  • Yamato Transport U.S.A.
  • Dr. Cohen


  • Approach both Japanese and non-Japanese media outlets
  • Develop/Distribute Press Release
  • Media Tracking


  • Events
  • Translation
  • SP Tools
  • Displays
  • If you have other specific inquiries, please contact us