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Help Ticket

About the Help Ticket System

Websites start to grow old the same day they are made. Although many clients say they have the ability to update their own websites, very few actually do it. As a result, websites become dated within 2-3 years in terms of system and design. Therefore, “renewing” is necessary.

A website cannot be used to its full potential without updates. In order to keep a website in its best condition, regular updates on content, design & system are indispensable.

The most economical and efficient way to provide regular updates is the Help Ticket service. Within the working hours of each month, we work with our clients on how to update the website and keep it at its best condition.

Our main clients currently using help tickets


You can choose from the following cost /time

$220/month 2.75 hours(Individual sites only)
$320/month 4.5 hours
$430/month 6.25 hours
$540/month 8 hours
$640/month 9.75 hours

Example: For the help ticket $ 300

  • Help ticket $ 300 / month can request up to 4.5 hours of working time.
  • It is a contract every 12 months.
  • If using for the first time, you can change or cancel the help ticket plan for the first 2 months.
  • Changes to the plan of the help ticket can be made when updating every 12 months.
  • You can request additional working time.
    We will issue a quote from $ 70 to $100 / hour or per project.
    The cost depends on the contents of the request.


What is included in the work content of the help ticket:

Content creation

  • Website design, copywriting
  • Photo processing
  • Production of banner etc.
  • Adding and creating web pages
  • (only if requested) Analysis report of monthly or quarterly website


  • Check and analyze website traffic
  • Keyword Research
  • Create / Update AdWords (The cost of AdWords is not included)

  • Search and purchase copyright-free images / videos (Purchases are separately paid)

Help tickets can be used not only for periodic site content, design, system update, etc. based on meetings, but also for maintenance services as below.

  • Technical support such as inquiries about how to use the system
  • Fixed problem in program
  • Response when failure occurs

* We do not charge especially for backup, short phone conversation time etc.


Approximate working time

News Topics Revise Home Page and News List Page.
Develop a detailed Page.
(1.5 hours)
Web Page Revise Web Page Menu and Contents.
Develop a Detailed Page (1 Headline, 1 Body Copy and a few Images/table.)
(3 hours – It depends on Contents)
(Contact Form) Develop a online contact form with Field check and Capcha.
Confirm, Test the Form. Send test emails several times
(6-7 hours)
(Banners) Develop a New Banner on Home Page Slider
Retouch an Picture which Client provides
Revise Home Page Slider Script.
(2 hours)

Analyze Google Analytics, Google Webmaster,
Create Reports,
Make Suggestions to increase Visitors, Support Business or For any Client’s Request.
(1-2 hours)


Periodic website check – For those who only want to perform updates

Website Update Service

For customers who do not update their website but want to have it checked periodically and updated to the latest WordPress systems. We check the website and update it 4 times a year. The “Website Update Service” also checks and updates plugins that are being used. This updating service includes doing a backup file before we perform the update.

  • The cost is a total of $560 for 4 updates per year (about 2 hours (140 dollars) each working time x 4 times).
  • This is a yearly contract.
  • After the first update, you may cancel the remaining three services if you are not satisfied.
  • Similar to the help ticket, you can request for additional working time.
    We will issue a quote from $70-100/ hour or per project.
    The cost is determined by the contents of the request.